GAMES is a web based cloud application for efficient research grant administration at LUMS. It is a state-of-the-art, customized solution that helps manage and administer sponsored research endeavors for the LUMS faculty. The primary objective of GAMES is to make the grant application process speedy, streamlined, and transparent. GAMES will assist the LUMS faculty and staff in identifying funding opportunities, monitoring grant application status, resource hiring, seeking bridge financing and a myriad of other features. It will allow the Dean(s) and Department Chair(s) to approve, reject, and return as well as obtain information about sponsored research projects of their respective schools and departments. The OR staff also overlooks the application process to ensure that the grant management system is operated in an effective manner.

GAMES is designed to provide timely email announcements regarding grant and project status changes. Moreover, it enables users to manage their research work by allowing the applicants to time track their deliverables. Additionally, GAMES allows authenticated users to explore various funding opportunities available to the LUMS community. Authorized researchers are able to view and retrieve their documents even after submission. The application also facilitates resubmissions of work, change requests, and provides complete project management.